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Imagine this, you’ve viewed the property of your dreams once. You’ve put in an offer AND it has been accepted. Congrats, you’ve started your voyage to ownership of your new home. You go through the process without a bump, you didn’t get a house survey, the property looked great when you viewed it. When you saw it again, you still didn’t see anything of concern. So, you’re raring to go on completion day, you get into the property and for the first time you look at it in the cold light of day.

The property has a number of issues you didn’t spot. You paid full asking price and you’re starting to doubt whether you got the best deal. This is starting to feel unpleasant. The common response is ‘I should have’ or ‘I wish I had’ got a house survey done.

There are a number of house surveys available to you when purchasing a property. You can go for the traditional RICS accredited surveys (which come in three levels), an online report or get a Housecheckr Home Fixtures Survey.

The internet is a great source of information on the RICS surveys, so, we won’t repeat the information in detail. However a simple explanation below should cover what you need.

If you tip the house upside down, everything that falls out is classed as fittings. They are likely moving with the current owners. The bricks, mortar and physical structure the RICS surveys cover (in various depths). Housecheckr covers what is left, the core components of the house you expect to work when you move in, which no other survey checks for.

Our product brochure outlines the Home Fixtures Survey and what it can be used for:

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“What does a house survey tell you?”

Our Home Fixtures Survey will contain photos and descriptions of issues we see when we walk around the property.

“What will a house survey show?”

Best to check out an example of the output from our Home Fixtures Survey.