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Is your dream of buying your own home about to come true?

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Imagine this, your dream has come true and it’s move in day. You’ve just arrived at your new home, the boxes are all in. To thank the people that helped you move, you turn on the cold tap in the kitchen to fill the kettle and suddenly, you’re standing in a puddle.

You start to ask yourself:

  • Why has this been left like this?
  • Why didn’t my survey pick this up?
  • What else is wrong with this house?
  • Who do I need to get this sorted?
  • How much will all these repairs cost?

At Housecheckr, we’ve created a 160-point checklist which finds out if fixtures, like the taps, lights, windows, doors, shower, sockets and much more are working correctly.

If you do this early enough in the purchase process you can negotiate your offer.

Check out our sample report and see more about how Housecheckr can help you save thousands in repair costs.

Ensure your home improvements budget is not wasted on costly repairs.

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