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We’re Housecheckr, we’re based in the UK. We’re the first company in the UK offering our unique housecheck powered by technology. The Home Fixtures Survey is a new type of survey you can get which is designed to be on the buyers side of the negotiation.

The Home Fixtures Survey finds issues with the property which as the potential buyer you may not see or might assume are okay. We’ll outline some scenarios below where you might want to consider getting our housecheck done.

“The mortgage valuation came back OK so the house must be OK too”

This is a classic assumption from home buyers which we hear often. Although the mortgage company valuation survey is normally paid for by the house buyer they do not receive a report. The buyer assumes the property is OK because the mortgage company is happy with the valuation. It is easy to forget the main reason for a mortgage valuation being done is to ensure the mortgage company would be able to recover their losses if you failed to keep up with your repayments.

“When I viewed the property, I didn’t see anything of concern”

We understand you may have walked around the property and may have even put an offer in already… it could already have been accepted too. This is an exciting time and is full of emotion, you may feel like the house is the ‘one’. This doesn’t mean the property has been well maintained or looked after. Our Housecheckr’s are not restricted to an half an hour viewing, we make a special appointment to view the property. Our housecheck is conducted without being emotional or having any attachment to the property. We provide a report with cold hard facts and photos.

“There is so much money being spent, I can’t afford the housecheck”

Our product is competitively priced. One of the ways you can use the report is to save money by negotiating repairs on the property you want to buy. This means less unexpected expenses when you move in and the housecheck gives you value for money. The report can be used as your bargaining chip to save money on the purchase price.

If any of these scenarios sound like something you would say or have said we are ideal to help you. We’re on your side and will talk directly with your estate agent and solicitor to arrange the actions before and after our check.

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You can see an example of our report below:

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