Please see our list of common questions we sometimes get asked:


“Do you find structural issues?”

If there are visible cracks on the walls we will identify those as part of our visual observation, we normally recommend you speak to a builder or structural engineer if you are concerned.


“How long does it take to get your report?”

We provide our report within 24 hours of the check being conducted.


“Do you sort out the property access?”

Yes we do with whoever lives at the property or is managing it, we’re happy to pick up keys too.


“What if you can not complete the check?”

Normally, we would be able to give you a credit to use towards another property. We would notify you if this was the case as soon as possible.


“Can you check more than one property for me?”

We’re happy to check more than one property for you and provide a report on each one.


“Do you use screwdrivers or any other tools?”

No our reports are visual reports, we make as much effort as reasonably possible to identify and highlight the issues we spot, we plug in testers to electrical sockets.


“Do you offer cover against any issues you might miss?”

Unfortunately not, we are human and may miss issues but we do our best and are extremely thorough – just check out our reviews.


“What if I’ve already made an offer?”

It’s not too late for us to do a property check for you, ideally you would want us before you exchange contracts and are committed to the sale, even then though we can give you a report which you can pass to tradespeople to get quotes on repairs.


“What if I’ve already had another survey?”

Our checks are pretty unique we check for issues no other surveys check for (even the specialist ones) we’ve never been to a property and not found issues.


“Will you provide a valuation?”

No our survey is not designed for this.


“How can I use your report?”

Really, it is up to you how you use our report. You could use it to negotiate money off your purchase, add repairs to your sales contract through your solicitor or simply use it for information purposes only.


“Whose side are you on?”

We’re neutral in the purchase process – we provide a factual report and are not dependent or involved in the process.


“Why is your survey so much cheaper than others that are available?”

We’ve made our processes completely efficient using technology which means we do have the costs or overheads that our competitors and other survey providers might have.